The Midnight University:
 A College
Of Wizards

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phone: 630-347-2725

mailing address:
720 N Oakhill Ave
Janesville, WI
Come one, come all, and learn the secrets of the ages! The Philospher’s Stone … the Fountain Of Youth… The Secrets of The Magi… The Art of Merlin!
Let your professors of the Midnight University: Argentius Magistus and Oriana Kryptos--- lead you through the wonderful world of magic! Learn to speak the language of animals! Learn the ancient art of charms and spells! Find the wand that’s right for you! Discover creatures of magic & lore…
Our goal is a simple one. We would like to bring the ‘magick’ to YOUR Renaissance Faire with The Midnight University,  a classic ‘School Of Wizards’ with some exciting new additions, bringing an entirely new, completely immersive area to your festival for people to enjoy!

We have everything that your patrons could want in a school of magic, including a storyline that occurs throughout the day with set scenes and improvisational occurrences.  We also offer 'classes' at various times throughout the faire day, including things like: 'Elementary Wandmaking' - where patrons get to create and keep their own magic wands, and 'care & Feeding of Magickal Creatures' where we show them the right way and the wrong way to feed a boggan!

We also offer an entirely new group and area for your existing 'magical creatures' to interact with, and we encourage your street performers to join in the fun!  We combine variety performance, crafting, street performance, and one-to-one interaction to create a magickal brew of entertainment and excitement, instilling a sense of whimsy and magic in the guests, as they see the 'real world' and the 'magical world' come together in new and exciting ways.!